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Player Characters
Name Position Location Dragon Relation
L'ren Shopkeeper Ierne Weyrhold Tangled Seaweed Green Reonth Leona's brother, Karona's uncle
Leona Wingleader Ista Weyr EveryBody Lies! Brown Lakareth L'ren's sister, Karona's mother
X'hil Weyrsecond Xanadu Weyr Bronze Kinseth Xylaihl's son
Non-Player Characters
Name Position Location Dragon Relation
A'li Bluerider Xanadu Weyr Chaos is a Wish Blue Najimeth X'hil's brother; Xylaihl's son
Griselda Kitchenworker Xanadu Weyr X'hil's best friend/mother of his children
L'nel Weyrling Ista Weyr Almost a Lady Green Prisath Leona's son
Lomare Greenrider Ista Weyr Wise Old Crawler Green Hausisth L'ren and Leona's sister
N'sken Greenrider Xanadu Weyr Perilous Beauty Green Seibanth X'hil's nemesis/friend
Or'len Apprentice Woodcrafter Xanadu Weyr Pride of the Summer Green Mhairiath Myra's brother
Xyala Candidate Xanadu Weyr X'hil's sister; Xylaihl's daughter
Retired Player Characters
Name Position Location Dragon Relation
A'mar Apprentice Potter Fort Weyr Cry of Freedom Blue Caldoth
Jordan Journeyman Healer High Reaches Weyr
Karona Journeyman Smith Fort Weyr Leona's daughter, L'ren's niece
Myra Journeyman Chef Xanadu Weyr Desert Mirage Green Ailath
Xylaihl Greenrider Xanadu Weyr Party All Night Long Green Xvetaoth X'hil's mother



Miscellaneous Firelizard Clutches

Firelizard Images

Myra's Menu Object -- Code

Firelizard Egg Basket -- Code

Randomiser -- Code

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